Miguel Angel Arnedo chaos at PORTHOS.BIO.UB.ES
Thu Oct 6 19:19:55 CDT 1994

 I am studying the adaptative radiation of the spider genus Dysdera in the Canar
   y Islands. My first aim is to test the monophyly of the group, so I am trying
    to build a phylogeny of the group. I have been working with morphological da
   ta to date, but I am going to begin to work with molecular one. I am going to
    use RFLP's of the mtDNA.
 I am very interested in contact with people using RFLP's to study spiders.
If there is anybody interested in exchange any information send a message to :
- chaos at porthos.bio.ub.es

Thank you!

Miquel A. Arnedo
Dept. Animal Biology
University of Barcelona, Spain
Chaos at porthos.bio.ub.es

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