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Per Lindskog EN-PER at NRM.SE
Thu Oct 13 10:27:14 CDT 1994

Fellow netters:

The Department of Entomology at the Swedish Museum of Natural
History is currently planning a total renovation of
existing collections of dry, pinned specimens. The main objective is
to minimize our lasting problems with attacks by
dermestid beetles.

We are aiming at an airconditioned room for storage only,
maintained at a temperature around 15 degrees celcius. No
preservatives or deterrents will be used and specimens will be
kept in smaller unit-trays of cardboard stored in wooden drawers.

We should greatly appreciate any information on airconditioned
insect collections. For example:

How many insect collections are actually kept at a constant
     temperature? - and if so, at what temperature?
Is any information available on the possible detrimental effects
     of fluctuations in temperature to dried, pinned insects?
What temperature will effectively prevent the breeding of
What are the experiences with microcondensation on pins and
     specimens during bulk transfer of material into the
     collection - and how is this reduced or avoided?

If substantial information is obtained, it will be summarized and
distributed on this list.


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Department of Entomology
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