Dipteros del Chiribiquete

F.Martin-Piera FERMIN at CC.CSIC.ES
Mon Oct 17 18:57:21 CDT 1994

To all dipterologists who replied to the request of F. Martin Piera t=
o identify
insects of S=AA del Ciribiquete (Colombia):

Thank you very much for your interest to study Diptera of Ciribiquete=
, but=20
I must comment a logistic problem. I'm not dipterologists, hence I do=
n't know
what I have. As I have indicated in my previour E-mail I have an unde=
number of Diptera. That means that taxonomic work has not been made a=
t all; so
no separation of families of Diptera has been made. Therefore, I cann=
ot be sure
if the families requested by all of you have been collected.
Does somebody want to undertake this task?
I suggest another solution: Everybody could separate the fraction (fa=
mily or
families) of your own interest, and return to me the remaining Dipter=
a. I turn
again to send the insects to the next specialists and so on.
Please, let me known all your opinion


[Fermin at cc.csic.es]

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