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Zhaoran Xu zxu at SERFIS.BY.UA.EDU
Tue Oct 18 14:10:57 CDT 1994

                  CHANGES in SERFIS on-line

        Some people suggested that free access to SERFIS (Southeast
Regional Floristic Information System) may create a problem to the
system because of computer scandals.  We agree that a system should
allow ONLY GOOD PEOPLE to get in.  Therefore, we have removed the
free access to SERFIS by imposing a password to the "public" account.

        The whole procedure to get into SERFIS is basically the same,
but anyone who wants to access SERFIS should email me to find out the
password before trying the procedure.  It is supposed that we give
out password to GOOD PEOPLE ONLY.

        We have received some good comments in the last week of free
access to SERFIS.  We thank colleagues' encouragements, as well as
valuable comments, including the one to cause the current change with
the SERFIS system.

   Zhaoran XU ("jau-rahn shue")
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