Coral Reef Meeting - UK '95

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                   European Meeting of the International

                      Society of Reef Studies (ISRS)

                        University of Newcastle '95

                             First Circular

    Suggested topics:

    . Photobiology of reef organisms
    . Dynamics diversity and desease:microbial interactions
    . Remote sensing and GIS in reef ecosystem management
    . Fishery productivity
    . Land-ocean interactions
    . Valuation of reefs
    . Biogeography and biodiversity
    . Coral microstructure and environmental signals
    . Carbonate plataform development
    . Reef taphonomy
    . Structure and evolution of fossil reefs
    . Poster display presentations
    . Workshop on European reserach collaboration

    In addition to the scientific program, there are outings planned to
    fossil coral reefs and the Northumberland coastline. A banquet and
    ceilidh will be held on the final evening at medieval langley Castle.

    Further details contact:

    Dr. Nicholas Polunin
    Dept. Marine Sciences & Coastal Management
    University of Newscastle
    Newscastle upon Tyne NE1 7RU UK
    Tel +44 (91) 222-6659
    Fax +44 (91) 222-7891
    E-mail n.polunin at

Alberto Correa de Vasconcellos
acvascon at

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