Preliminary Announcement of Data->Internet Workshop

Julian Humphries jmh3 at CORNELL.EDU
Mon Oct 24 15:01:03 CDT 1994

       Biological Collection Information Providers

Interested in learning more detail on how to publish your collection
data on the Net?  We are planning a 2-3 day workshop to be held this
winter on the following topics:

       How to choose a hardware/software platform
       How to set up a Gopher server, including fanout searches
       Picking a search engine for your data
       Setting up a World Wide Web server
       Gopher/WWW maintenance and data management issues.
       Presentation issues for collections data
       Security, usage logging and reporting
       Finding the right kind of technical assistance

As of today the following instructors will be participating:

Julian Humphries, MUSE Project, Cornell University
Jim Beach, Museum Informatics Project, UC Berkeley
Leland Ellis, Informatics Specialist, Texas A&M

A Unix technical programmer will also participate and other specialists
may be invited as well.

The purpose of this preliminary announcement is to gauge interest in
the community so that we can better plan a locale (and date).  We
anticipate a registration cost for each participant of approximately
$275 (US), but this may change if site and equipment costs are
significantly more or less.  Although we will be specifically
targeting collections and taxonomic data, the workshop itself will be
open to other interested information providers.  A technically
sophisticated audience (e.g. familiar with Unix) would benefit most
from this workshop.

Please send email to Julian Humphries at:  jmh3 at
if you believe it likely you would attend this workshop or have
requests for coverage of other related topics.

Julian Humphries
The Vertebrate Collections and The MUSE Project, Cornell University
83 Brown Road, Building 3
Ithaca, NY  14850
Voice: 607-257-8143      Fax:   607-257-8109
Email: jmh3 at

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