Followup to Data->Internet Workshop Announcement

Julian Humphries jmh3 at CORNELL.EDU
Tue Oct 25 07:38:25 CDT 1994

It is encouraging to hear the positive response to our
announcement of a workshop for information providers interested
in learning more about the technology of installing and
maintaining Gopher and WWW servers.  The responses indicated
a few points that the original announcement failed to make clear.

1.  The workshop, although organized by the NSF funded MUSE Project,
    with assistance from Jim Beach of the Museum Informatics Project,
    does not have any funds available for assisting in travel, lodging
    or registration rebates.

2.  We are likely to have some documentation available for the workshop
    itself and will be happy to make that available electronically,
    (expect to see this on the Biodiversity and Biological Collections
    Gopher and WWW servers) but we do not anticipate an "electronic"
    version of the workshop itself.  Much of the actual time during
    the actual workshop will be hands on or real time demonstrations.

3.  We will be covering HTML and tools for preparing documents for
    presentation from WWW servers and clients (including using WWW
    clients as a front end to data and system documentation).

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