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Thu Oct 27 09:30:00 CDT 1994

To European biologists concerned with the systematics of invertebrates and

First Announcement of
EuroLOOP Workshop II
Amsterdam, 27-30th March 1995

EW II is the sequel to the First Workshop held in Tervuren, Belgium in June
1994 where  representatives from institutions in 22 European countries and
from three International Institutes founded EuroLOOP as a part of
BioNET-INTERNATIONAL - the global network for biosystematics of
Invertebrates and Microorganisms.

EuroLOOP seeks to mobilise, pool and enhance the biosystematic resources of
its member centres of excellence, and through donor-funded programmes make
these available to BioNET- INTERNATIONAL LOOPs in developing countries to
support national programmes for sustainable agriculture and use of

EuroLOOP aims to provide the EU, and the national and federal governments of
Europe and developing countries, with the best possible biosystematic advice
and services within its remit, to assist unilateral and multilateral aid
programmes for conservation and wise use of the environment.  As a powerful
lobby within the EU and governances of Europe, EuroLOOP seeks to ensure
requisite investment in the biosystematic institutions of the continent to
enable the generation and delivery of vital new knowledge and better
technologies needed by agricultural, environmental and biodiversity
practioners world-wide.

EW II will set the agenda for the further development of EuroLOOP and
formulate strategies for achieving its objectives.  It will provide global
and regional perspectives of resources, deficiencies and needs and through
collaborative work-programmes and recommendations, undertake and recommend
effective actions through EuroLOOP for removing the present biosystematic
impediment to biological research and development.

For further information please contact:
Dr. Eliane de Coninck
EuroLOOP Network Coordinating Institute
Koninklijk Museum Voor Midden-Afrika
Leuvensesteenweg 13
B-3080 Tervuren
Tel: +32-2-769 5386/5360/5373
Fax:+32-2-767 0242

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