TDWG meeting in Paris

F.A.Bisby F.A.Bisby at SOTON.AC.UK
Sat Sep 3 00:15:34 CDT 1994

This is not a blank message.
To all taxacom and iopi readers:

There will be a short meeting of TDWG (IUBS Commission on Plant
Taxonomic Databases) as a satellite meeting of the IUBS Forum on
Biodiversity being held in Paris France from 5-9 September 1994.

The TDWG Meeting is in Meeting Room 4, UNESCO Headquarters, 125
Avenue de Suffren, Paris 7, from 10.00 - 13.00.

Frank Bisby

Taxonomic Databases & Biodiversity

A satellite meeting organised by TDWG, the IUBS Commission on
Taxonomic Databases

Tuesday 6 September 1994, 10.00 - 13.00

Meeting Room No. 4,
UNESCO Headquarters, 125 Avenue de Suffren, Paris 7

Chairman:               Professor J McNeill

Meeting Organiser:      Dr F A Bisby

10.00       Global master species databases and biodiversity: an
            Frank A Bisby, University of Southampton.

10.20       Broadening TDWG: the parallels between plant, animal
               and microbial taxonomic databases.
            Larry Speers, Centre for Land & Biological Resources,

10.40       BIOTA: world arthropod checklist.
            Christian A Thompson, Systematic
               Entomology Laboratory, Smithsonian

11.00       The Plant Fossil Record IOP Database.
            Mike C Boulter, University of East London.

11.20       ILDIS: an operational master species database for the
            Frank A Bisby, University of Southampton.

11.40       The IOPI Global Plant Checklist Project
            John Burnett, Oxford.

12.00       DISCUSSION including proposals

            i)    that TDWG be extended to include plant, animal
and microbial databases,

            ii)   that IUBS include a major programme on Global
Master Species Databases in its Scientific Programme.

13.00       FINISH

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