Request for information: Ficus species

Cathy A. Paris cparis at MOOSE.UVM.EDU
Mon Sep 12 11:49:14 CDT 1994

An ecologist colleague asked me for help in determining the authority for
a species of fig, *Ficus maclellandii*.  This name was supplied by the
Florida firm that supplied his stock - and who have not responded to his
query for more information.  I don't locate the combination in the Index
Kewensis, so I am suspicious of its reality.  Are any of you familiar with
this name?  Any leads or ideas?  I understand its common name is Ali fig.

                                        Thanks very much,

                                        Cathy Paris
                                        Pringle Herbarium and Dept. of Botany
                                        University of Vermont
                                        Burlington, VT 05405-0086
                                        cparis at

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