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Mon Sep 26 12:29:08 CDT 1994

I posted the following over the weekend.  Judging from the number of
responses sent to me rather than to the original source, this seems to
be of some interest to TAXACOM readers.  I have forwarded all inquiries
sent to me on to Books from Bree, the original poster on another list.

Further inquiries should be sent to Books from Bree:

  Shoshana Edwards <bree at>

I am not affiliated with Books from Bree and cannot provide additional

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Date: Sun, 25 Sep 1994 11:18:03 -0700 (PDT)
From: Shoshana Edwards <bree at>
To: biblio at
Subject: private library for sale

Books From Bree has been authorized to offer for sale a private botany
collection.  This collection of more than 600+ pieces (books, pamphlets,
journal articles, monographs, etc.) appears to be primarily serious
scholarly works for professional botanical scientists.  There are a few,
approximately 10% of the collection, "collectibles" although it should be
warned that some of the more desireable works are only portions of
multi-volume sets.

At any rate, the list will be ready in about one month.  It will be
lengthy!  Therefore we are asking anyone who would like to receive it to
send us email requests.  If you want it via email please indicate.  If
you want it snail, send us your post awful address.  We will not! be
posting on this list, since I anticipate many, many pages.  We will be
providing descriptions and background where appropriate, and detailed
descriptions of most volumes.

Dealers:  Please inquire about discounts, which will be low since this is
a commissioned sale.

Regards, Shoshana

Books From Bree - bree at

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