gazetteers (sequel)

Thayer thayer at FMNH785.FMNH.ORG
Wed Sep 28 16:36:58 CDT 1994

     Following up on the discussion of DMA (Defense Mapping Agency) and other
gazetteers in August or thereabouts, I just received updated information from
Pauline Moslemi at U Penn on how to obtain them, and wanted to pass that along.
She said:

>The DMA no longer sells maps and gazetteers to the public.  The USGS now
>sells these, and can be reached at:
>       Map Distribution
>       USGS Branch of Distribution
>       Box 25286
>       Denver, CO 80225
>       (303) 236-7477
>If you need nautical or aeronautical charts, you can obtain them from:
>       National Ocean Service
>       Distribution Branch
>       N/GC33
>       6501 Lafayette Avenue
>       Riverdale, MD  20737
>       (301) 436-6990

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