TDWG Meeying in Paris

F.A.Bisby F.A.Bisby at SOTON.AC.UK
Sat Sep 3 11:11:47 CDT 1994

To all iopi and taxacom readers:

There will be a half day meeting of TDWG as a satellite meeting
at the IUBS Forum on Biodiversity in Paris , France, 5 - 9

              Taxonomic Databases & Biodiversity

            Tuesday 6 September 1994, 10.00 - 13.00

                      Meeting Room No 4,
      UNESCO Headquarters, 125 Avenue de Suffren, Paris 7

Chairman:      Prof J McNeill

Meeting Organiser: Dr F A Bisby

10.00     Global Master Species Databases and Biodiversity:
          inroduction. Frank A Bisby

10.20     Broadening TDWG: the parallels between plant, animal
          and microbial databases. Larry Speers

10.40     BIOTA: the world arthropod checklist.
          Christian A Thompson

11.00     The Plant Fossil record IOP Database.
          Mike C Boulter

11.20     ILDIS: an operational master species database for the
          Leguminosae. Frank A Bisby

11.40     The IOPI Global Plant Checklist project
          John Burnett

12.00     DISCUSSION, including proposals

          i)   that TDWG be extended to include animal and
          microbial taxonomic databases.

          ii)  that IUBS include a major programme on Global Master
          Species Databases in its Scientific Programme.

13.00     FINISH

(nb. a related set of presentations will be given at the CODATA
International Conference at Chambery, also in France, September
19 - 22, 1994. -  see the "Taxonomic Total Immersion" notices
distributed by Lois Blaine)

These meetings are open to all.

Frank Bisby

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