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>>Subject: importantImportant item about Free Program
>>        I forgot to mention in my earlier message about the RESEARCH
>>INTERFACE that you must be in binary mode to get the files.
>>        After you have gotten to the research directory, type binary and
>>press the enter key.
>Dear Gary,
>The interface does interrest me, but how can I get a file >1.44 MB  on a
>diskette? And does it only contain data of USA?
>An other thing is that to login at a FTP site after typing 'anonymous' is
>to give you email address as password! You forgot to mention this.
>Thanks, Eric.
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        You are correct that several of the zipped files are too large to
fit on a single disk. The idea is that you download the files onto a hard
disk of a microcomputer. I do have a distribution license from PKWARE which
means that I can use my copy of PKWARE to zip all the files into a single
file which spans several disks. The user then puts the last disk into the
floppy drive of his / her computer and types the word install. The PKWARE
program then prompts for disks and unzips the file onto your hard disk.
However distribution by disks means that I must tie up a computer for making
copies of disks. Also because I don't have the time to sit by the computer,
I would need to hire someone to make copies. There also would be the expense
of the disks themselves (about 4 or 5 disks) and postage and handling. Thus
distribution by disks would require a handling charge. I haven't attempted
to calculate such a charge but a guess is somewhere under $20.00.
        If enough people want the convenience of obtaining the program by
ordering disks, I will look into the matter. Such orders could also include
a printed manual for the program verses the present file which users must
print to have a manual.
        Yes, at the moment the program includes only latitude and longitude
data for approximately 192, 000 populated places in the United States. If
people decide the program helps their research, I will seek grant funds for
further development. A major item that will be added if development funds
are obtained is a set of CD-ROM disks containing latitude and longitude for
all countries, not just for populated places but also for features such as
mountains, rivers etc.
        Any comments as to features that should be in future program
versions will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks for your helpful comments.

Gary Noonan
Gary Noonan
Milwaukee Public Museum, 800 West Wells
Milwaukee Wisconsin 53233

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