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Wed Sep 21 14:46:27 CDT 1994

Subject: New package for experimental data treatment

Great news for experimentalists working with theoreticians and conversely:
 -----> EXPHER !
Expher is a compiler which generates a Fortran 77 program to perform data
reduction, error analysis, and all that kind of things.

You give EXPHER a source file where
 -- you state your unknowns
 -- you state your mathematical definitions
 -- you describe what are your measurements (tens, hundreds, arrays, etc.)
 -- you describe your expected experimental errors
 -- you describe what measurements are "expected" owing to your... unknowns
An EXPHER generates a Fortran 77 program which answers most questions,
giving you the most likely values of your unknowns, their error bars, and
the final error matrix. Note that it is not limited to linear unknowns of
classical least squares, but it can handle sophisticated (but continuous)

This takes a few hours to be done, while building the same program from nil
is a several months job... Try it.

Doc available at anonymous ftp:, in
directories pub/expher/doc/english and pub/expher/doc/french in the form
of PostScript files (*.ps), PCL files (*.lj), TeX files and DVI files.

Distribution available in pub/expher/.... where .... may be
unxsun (SUNos), unxaix (RS6000/AIX), unxymp(Cray/UNICOS), unx_hp(HP9000/HP_UX)
and vaxvms. Generic distribution in pub/expher/master.

Freeware but please cite that work in publications.

Daniel Taupin: taupin at

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