Fast-track publication?

Barry Roth barryr at UCMP1.BERKELEY.EDU
Fri Sep 9 10:45:35 CDT 1994

The fast and often destructive pace of interactions between
humans and animal and plant species threatens to outstrip the
ability of systematic literature to keep up.  Because basic
description rates low on the scale of compensable activities for
systematists, pure taxonomic description may be left undone or
deferred until it can be incorporated into more complex papers.

_The Veliger_, a quarterly journal devoted to mollusks, is
considering the idea of an expedited publishing track for purely
descriptive, biodiversity-related systematic papers.  Qualifying
papers would have to represent sound taxonomic practice for the
groups in question, but would be "stripped-down" to essential
description.  Several techniques would be used to reduce the time
from submission to publication.

Have any other biological journals attempted such a thing?
Can any TAXACOM subscribers share experiences, either as
publishers or authors, with a "fast-track" system like this?

Thanks very much in advance,

Barry Roth
Editor, _The Veliger_     barryr at

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