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Subject:      electronic 'publishing' -Reply

Hi Dan

I've just had your message about `electronic publishing', and was
particularly interested in what you said could be done to make
databases citable.

Just over 2 years ago I considered this copyright problem with one of
our literature databases (N.Z. terrestrial invertebrates 1775-1985).
On the on-line database we put our copyright statement, and
information to be used for citation purposes.  Then we had the
opportunity to put the database on CD-ROM as a New Zealand
`electronic publishing' experiment -- for this I insisted that the CD
be assigned an ISBN number, and full citation information for the 3
databases on it, plus a copies to our National Library to ensure
copyright (the National Library didn't know how to handle this
`non-book'!).  (Crosby, T.K.; Ramsay, G.W. 1992.  BUGS on-disc: index
to information in the literature on New Zealand terrestrial
invertebrates 1775-1985, 37 Mb, in Jasperse, J.A. (Ed.) Samples of
New Zealand science on CD-ROM.  Wellington, SIR Publishing).

This database (updated), along with 7 other databases, is to be
published at the end of this month on CD-ROM, again with all the
citation details.

All these refer to literature databases.  We also have specimen
databases, and we intend to publish parts on CD-ROM.  In fact, in the
last funding application this was successfully put forward as an
objective of our collections programme in Landcare Research (insects
NZAC, fungal herbarium PDD, plant herbarium CHR, and fungal and
bacterial culture collection IMCP). The two main reasons are to prove
to our funding source (equivalent somewhat to NSF) that we ARE
PRODUCING outputs available to others similar to books (on-line is
not readily available to other users yet), and also as a means of
archiving the state of the databases at that particular point in
time.  Databases will always be updated to a greater or lesser
extent, but that doesn't exclude them from being published (in my
view, published papers only indicate the state of knowledge at the
time of writing and don't stop further developments of ideas and
experimentation -- very much like databases!)

With kind regards

Trevor Crosby
(curator, N.Z. Arthropod Collection / Ko te Aitanga Pepeke o

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