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                    UK SYSTEMATICS FORUM

The UK Systematics Forum is a recent initiative funded by the Office of
Science and Technology (OST) until the end of March 1996 in the first
instance.  The Forum is one outcome of the 1992 report of the House of
Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology on Systematic Biology

The Forum promotes coordination and communication among institutions with
major biological and palaeontological collections and the wider systematic

Its activities include:
  * Disseminating information about collections and expertise.
  * Identifying priorities for research as part of a national strategy for
    the development and use of systematic collections.
  * Investigating ways of increasing the opportunities for training of

These activities feed back into initiatives taking place at the European
and wider international levels and will serve to define the UK voice in
this sphere.  The Forum reports annually to the Office of Science and

1) One of the Forum's primary activities is the setting up of a


The information collated in this directory will be made available to
interested parties and used as a tool to help identify priorities for
research and to inform governmental policy makers of the current situation
in UK systematic research.

Anybody in the UK currently involved in systematic research, whether at an
amateur or professional level, biological or palaeontological, is invited
to contact the Forum for inclusion in this important information source.

2)  A working group will be set up to look at the use and awareness of
Information Technology in systematics.  Any information on existing
systematic biology networks would be appreciated for background
information for this discussion.  The information will later be collated
and distributed.

Please send any information or requests for information to Ms E Watson at
the address below.
* Ms E Watson.                                                       *
* E-mail: ew at                                            *
* Tel: +44.(0)71 938 9522 Fax: +44.(0)71 938 9531                 *
* The UK Systematics Forum, c/o The Natural History Museum,       *
* Cromwell Rd, London, SW7 5BD, United Kingdom.                   *

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