Wet Label Paper revisited

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Thu Sep 22 09:54:16 CDT 1994

Dear Collection Colleagues,

I have recently received MANY inquires from fretting colleagues who are
about to run out of label paper for their wet preserved collections.
Realizing the famous "Resistal" paper is no longer being made, has
anyone found an acceptable replacement?  Specifically we are all looking
for a heavy weight paper that will stand up to abuse in the field, as
well as long term storage in formalin or alcohol.  Obviously this paper
needs to hold carbon ink (unlike Polypaper), and preferably will work
well in a laser printer or photocopier.

I will post all responses to this listserve.


Paul Scott, Associate Curator
Dept. of Invertebrate Zoology
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
2559 Puesta del Sol Road
Santa Barbara, CA  93105 USA

(805) 682-4711, ext. 319 (voice)
(805) 569-3170 (fax)
inverts at sbmnh.rain.org (internet)

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