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Thu Sep 29 11:06:39 CDT 1994

> Date: Wed, 28 Sep 1994 22:23:28 -0400
> From: MCT at
> Subject: USFWS Rules Review
>   The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service is revising parts of 50 CFR 13 and 14
> applying to designated ports of entry requirements, import and export
> declaration requirements, and several other subjects. The details are
> in the Federal Register of September 14, vol. 59, pages 47212-47216.
> Comments should go to Director, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, P.O. Box
> 3247, Arlington, VA 22203-3247. Deadline for comments is Nov. 14.
>   I urge all interested persons to read the above document, especially
> the somewhat snide comments about scientists on page 47215. This review has
> been underway since 1991 and according to the notice, only three scientific
> associations have commented (compared to 8 sportsman associations). The
> sections under review even if changed would not remedy all the problems
> the entomological community has with current wildlife laws, but it would
> be a start. This is our first chance to have our voices heard; let's not
> blow it.
> Michael C. Thomas, Ph.D.
> Florida State Collection of Arthropods
> Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services
> P.O. Box 147100
> Gainesville, FL 32614-7100 U.S.A.
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