Sideline Discussions

Peter Rauch peterr at VIOLET.BERKELEY.EDU
Sat Apr 1 09:27:17 CST 1995

>Date:         Sat, 1 Apr 1995 09:27:50 MST

>Secondly, we need a new server, called "sidelines" for those that cannot stay
>on topic, and will continue to push themselves on the majority.

On this point, please note that there is a Request For Discussion
distributed around Mar 24th (and currently ongoing, but with no
substantive discussion having taken place to date) to establish a new (s.b.s) Usenet newsgroup.

If _you_ want a place where "sideline" discussions can be carried on,
other than on Taxacom, then I suggest you respond to the RFD with your
ideas about _what_ the breadth of topics appropriate to s.c.s should

For example, in the proposed charter of s.b.s, there is no suggestion
that the discussion of systematists' role[s] in society  ("special"
role[s] based on their particular professional knowledge and training)
is a fair area of discourse.

The (ONE) place to discuss the RFD is on the Usenet newsgroup
called "news.groups".


(That RFD was supposed to have been copied, for notification, to
Taxacom, but it hasn't appeared here to date as far as I am aware.
Una, what's up?)

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