Tom Clarke tclarke at SOL.UVIC.CA
Sat Apr 1 11:24:56 CST 1995

   I cast my vote as Nay.... matter what the thread of conversation, after a week or two
 it seems that someone writes in telling everyone to be quiet and stop
 wasting bandwidth.   I find those messages more tedious then the ones
 the people are complaining about.  Everytime someone posts something about
 the american governement and what it is or isn't doing, should I write
 in a nasty note reminding everyone that this listserver has an international
 audience and that they should 'get back on topic'?

    Anyway, I'm finding this thread the most interesting one to come onto
 taxacom in a donkeys age... lets not go slicing it off before it dies its
 natural death.

ÿÿ    Nay                                                                    R1.

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