Taxacom too busy?

Todd Newberry taxa at BIOLOGY.UCSC.EDU
Mon Apr 3 11:16:17 CDT 1995

No, TAXACOM isn't too busy.  The same complaint about "too busy" also hit
BIRDCHAT awhile ago, on schedule.  The flurry of sign-offs and sign-ons
may just reflect seasonal restlessness -- it's spring!  BIRDCHAT and its
RBA relatives generate about 80 messages a day, but even that stampede can
be tamed by the D-key.  Managing the daily TAXACOM traffic is a breeze by
comparison.  The volume went up recently because some topics provoked wide
interest.  Hurray!  TAXACOM lets us share our info and ideas and needs.
It's a terrific listserve for systematists.  Let it thrive.

Todd Newberry
Santa Cruz CAL
taxa at

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