can't take it anymore

Tue Apr 4 17:37:00 CDT 1995

This is my first and last post to this group.  I've been a subscriber for 18
months now and, considering myself to be rather patient, I've been putting
up with the waste of bandwidth and my time for long enough.  And now I am
guilty of contributing to it as a parting gesture.  I was recently out doing
field work and returned after two weeks to over 400 messages, 95% of which
were of no interest to me thanks to Taxacom.  Not only did it take a long
time to zap them all, but my local email system was having burping problems
and I've had to rezap each of these msgs daily for 5 days now.  I CAN'T TAKE
IT ANYMORE!  Maybe I'll resubscribe in a few months.  Don't bother with
replies 'cuz I won;t see 'em unless you email me directly.


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