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> It looks that wing size (suggested by Robin Leech) is an ordinal character
> (with states ordered as = no wing/wing buds/brachyptery/full size wings) which
> is linked to a real number character (wing length). On the other hand, mode of
> locomotion (with several states including flight) looks to me like a promising
> nominal character (although this is not a morphological character). Does it
> have ISV (intraspecific variability)?

Many leafhoppers exhibit dimorphism with brachyptery and macroptery in the
same species. Aphids do the same thing with winged and wingless forms in the
same species. You also have several degrees of flight ranging from full
powered flight, gliding, parachuting and planktonic wind-powered flight.
There are also combinations of these with powered flight being used to
rise into the wind currents which are then used for long-distance passive

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