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Tue Apr 11 15:21:32 CDT 1995

Subject: Whereabouts of Dr. Philip W. Holzknecht

   According to a note in the Flora Malesiana Bulletin 31
(1978) 2970 Dr. Philip W. Holzknecht, then in Lae, Papua
New Guinea, was requesting information on Ms. Mary Strong
Clemens, the famous collector in California, Indo-China,
Philippines, Sabah, New Guinea, Australia, etc. (at least
111 taxa named after her and her husband!).

    He intended to write a historical paper on her work
and activities in the Morobe Province from 1935--1942. If
he has, the Rijksherbarium apparently has no copy of it.

   Does anybody out there know an address for Dr. Holzknecht,
and / or what may have happened to any information that he
may have (had) on Ms. Clemens?

   Any information on her, and her husband, Joseph Clemens,
not already mentioned in the Flora Malesiana, the F.M. Bull.,
Carter (1982), and Langdon (1981), will be very much appreciated
as well.

JeF Veldkamp, Editor Fl. Mal. Bull.


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