Stereozoom microscope recommendations

Mon Apr 17 15:59:14 CDT 1995

 Dear Taxacom subscribers,
  Rather than ask a strictly taxonomic question, I have a somewhat
 more esoteric issue to consider. Our herbarium is preparing to replace an ancient
 stereozoom microscope with a more modern (and functional) model.  For
 those of you who use this type of microscope on a regular basis, do
 you have suggestions as to models, features, etc. that should be
 considered? Anything that you'd specifically recommend or advise
 against? I'm particularly interested in opinions on magnification
 ranges.   If you care to comment on light sources, that would be
 useful, as well.  The microscope will be used primarily for herbarium
 specimens, but animal (particularly entomological) specimens will
 also be viewed from time to time.
   Please, respond directly to me (NCowden at and not to
 the Taxacom list.  I'll compile responses if other people are
 interested in the issue.

 Nancy Cowden
 Department of Biology
 Randolph-Macon Woman's College
 Lynchburg, Va.  24503
 (804) 947-8491

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