SE-Asia phylogeny

Tue Apr 18 15:45:38 CDT 1995

I am working on the phylogeny and biogeography of a group of legumes
(Butea, Kunstleria, Meizotropis, Spatholobus) in SE-Asia. To be more specific:
the region I am interested in is the West Malesian Archipelago as far east as
Sulawesi and the SE-Asiatic continent. I would like to compare my distribution
data with those of other groups in the same area.

Does anybody work on the phylogeny of a group (plants or animals) in the same
area? Or know references to phylogenetic treatments of groups in this region?

I would be very happy with your help! :)

Jeannette Ridder-Numan   Rijksherbarium / Hortus Botanicus
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