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Anyone contemplating the establishment of e-journals or other forms
of electronic publishing of scholarly materials might wish to look over
the archives of two other discussion lists. These are TEI-L at UICVM.BITNET
(the Text Encoding Initiative, which is focused on Humanities and Literature
and ways to describe [encode] text so that it can be consistently
manipulated electronically for study), and the VPIEJ-L at VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU
list (Electronic Journal Publishing List). To find out what archives are
available from each of these two lists, send email to:
LISTSERV at the_respective_node  with a one line message saying:
INDEX listname
where listname is either TEI-L or VPIEJ-L

There are other places to look for information on and discussion of
standards and publication of "data" of various types (some of which are
the types systematists use/publish, such as tables, maps, lists, ...).

Following is a notice from the VPIEJ-L list, that hints of the topics
considered by this crowd when they get together.
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For additional information                      To order please contact:
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Ann Okerson, Director                           Phone:   202-296-2296
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                   Proceedings of the Fourth Symposium
                            November 5-7, 1994

The Association of Research Libraries announces the publication of
Filling the Pipeline and Paying the Piper, Proceedings of the Fourth
ARL/AAUP Symposium in the series Scholarly Publishing on the Electronic
Networks.  This collection is the most recent volume in the series The
Symposium and the proceedings are co-sponsored by the Association of
American University Presses (AAUP), with support from the American
Physical Society, along with the University of Virginia Library and the
Johns Hopkins University Press.

The first Symposium on scholarly publishing on the electronic networks
was held in the spring of 1992.  One publisher commented that the
experience was "like being a deer caught in the headlights of an
onrushing truck." But by the start of the second Symposium, participants
had survived the shock of the new.  And by the third, they came forward
with well-formed experiments, prototype projects, and questions about
the ways and means of making the new technology serve the demands of the
scholarly and scientific community.  The fourth Symposium has tackled
some tough issues: cost recovery, electronic pricing, and copyright/fair

Presentations range from descriptions of ambitious and tantalizing
electronic scholarly projects that feed our notions of the Virtual
Library to be -- the library that is simultaneously everywhere and
nowhere -- all the way to very pragmatic discussions about what it takes
to support the electronic information creation process.  Much progress
has been made toward resolving common economic concerns that arose in
the very first Symposium.

The objective of Symposia has been to promote information-sharing and
discussion among people interested in developing the potential of formal
scholarly electronic publishing, with particular emphasis on
not-for-profit models.

Scholarly Publishing on the Electronic Networks was compiled and edited
by Ann Okerson, Director of ARL's Office of Scientific and Academic
Publishing.  It contains full text of all the presentations at the
three-day event.

The Office of Scientific and Academic Publishing (OSAP) undertakes
activities to understand and influence the forces affecting the
production, dissemination, and use of scholarly and scientific
information.  The Office seeks to promote innovative, alternative ways
of sharing scholarly findings, particularly through evolving electronic
techniques for recording and disseminating academic and research
scholarship.  OSAP maintains a continuing educational outreach to the
scholarly community in order to encourage a shared 'information
conscience' among all participants in the scholarly publishing chain:
academics, libraries, and information producers.

        Filling the Pipeline and Paying the Piper
        Proceedings of the Fourth Symposium
        January 1995
        ISBN 0-918006-25-1
        272 pages, pbk.
        $27.00  each (plus $5 Shipping & Handling within USA & Canada)

Limited numbers of copies of the proceedings of the Second and Third
Symposia, are also available for purchase.  Washington, DC, March 1993
and 1994.  The price is $20 each plus $5 each for Shipping & Handling
within USA & Canada.  For additional ordering details, contact ARL
Publications, as above.


                        Table of Contents
                Proceedings of the Fourth Symposium


Foreword, by Ann Okerson


A Synopsis of the Symposium
        Jinnie Davis  (1-14)

KEYNOTE:  Is School Out?  Is Academic Publishing Out?
        Lewis J. Perelman in Conversation  (15-25)

Frankenstein Redux:  Organization and Cultivation of
Electronic Scholarship
        Michael Eleey (27-32)

The Labyrinth:  A World Wide Web Disciplinary Server for
Medieval Studies
        Deborah Everhart and Martin Irvine (33-38)


Scholarly Publishing in the Information Economy
        Sandra Braman  (39-49)

Pricing Electronic Products
        Colin Day  (51-56)

Innovation in Cost Recovery
        Andrea Keyhani  (57-65)

Electronic Journals, Libraries, and University Presses
        Jean-Claude Guedon  (67-75)

Some FAQs about Usage-Based Pricing
        Hal R. Varian and Jeffrey K. MacKie Mason  (77-88)


Session 1:  Using Technical Standards to Accomplish Projects

The Combined AAUP Online Catalog/Bookstore Project:  Server Design
        Bruce H. Barton  (87-88)
The AAUP Online Catalog Project:  A Progress Report
        Chuck Creesy  (89-91)

Campus Publishing in Standardized Electronic Formats -- HTML and TEI
        David Seaman  (93-102)

Session 2:  Publishing Your Entire Journals List Electronically

Project Muse:  Tackling 40 Journals
        Susan Lewis and Todd Kelley  (103-112)

Publishing E-prints, Preprints, and Journals in the Sciences
        Bob Kelly  (113-118)

Session 3:   In The Scholarly Pipeline

Riding the Aftershocks:  The Galileo Project
        Elizabeth Burr  (119-123)

Towards an e-MED:  Converting the Middle English Dictionary
into an Electronic Version
        Henk Aertsen  (125-133)

Session 4:  Collaborations That Work -- and How They Do It

Scholarly Communications Project:  Publishers and Libraries
        Gail McMillan  (135-145)

Five Societies:  One Journal Project
        Keith Seitter  (147-152)

Session 5:  Finding and Navigating Networked Scholarly Works

Naming the Namable:  Names, Versions, and Document Identity in
a Networked Environment
        David Levy  (153-159)

The Berkeley Finding Aids Project; Standards in Navigation
        Daniel V. Pitti  (161-166)

Session 6:  Reporting Out

Research into the Reward System of Scholarship; Where Does
Scholarly Electronic Publishing Get You?
        Julene Butler  (167-177)

Scientific Scholarly Publishing: A Draft Proposal
        David L. Rodgers  (179-181)


Multimedia Patent and Copyright Issues:  The Need for Lawmakers
to be Multimedia Literate
        Fred T. Hofstetter 183-188)

The U.S. Government's Interest in Copyright and Fair Use
(Executive Summary of the Report of the NII Working Group on
Intellectual Property Rights)
        Terri Southwick  (189-193)

Will We Need Fair Use in the Twenty-First Century?
        Georgia Harper  (195-212)

Access to Digital Objects:  A Communications Law Perspective
        Patrice A. Lyons  (213-217)

Virtual Publication and the Fair Use Concept
        John Lawrence  (219-228)


Project Scan
        University of California Press  (229-231)

Electronic Survey; Current Projects of Members of the AAUP  (233-245)

Program for the Fourth Symposium


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