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April 21, 1995


     A broad coalition of environmental, fishing and hunting,
taxpayer and scientific groups are calling on President Clinton to
veto the FY 1995 rescissions bill which contains amendments that
suspend all federal environmental laws in order to permit a massive
logging program on public lands.

     "The President's 1994 Northwest Forest Plan ended more than
a decade of willful and systematic breaking of environmental law by
the U.S. Forest Service on behalf of the timber industry," said Tim
Coleman of the Western Ancient Forest Campaign.  "The timber
industry, through its advocates in the new Congress, has responded
by cynically working to legislate a personal exemption to the law,
even though industry profits are at a record high."

     "It's no surprise that the industry's prescription for forests
suffering from overlogging is, ta-da, more logging," said Coleman.
"It will be a surprise if the President signs away our public forests
after two difficult and politically costly years in developing
ecosystem-based national forest management."

     Sponsors of the logging amendments, which threaten water
quality, wildlife habitat, and the quality of life for the Northwest
and other economically healthy regions of the country, are Rep.
Charles Taylor (R-NC) and Sen. Slade Gorton (R-WA).  The
Congressmen received $ 71,500 and $ 74,954, respectively, from
timber industry PACs between 1989 and 1994.

     The House amendment calls for 6.2 billion board feet of
logging over two years, double current levels.  The amendments
passed by the House and Senate exempt logging of public lands
from complying with environmental and other federal laws,
effectively putting government agencies and the timber industry
above the law.  Logging is also exempt from judicial review and
citizen appeals.

     In a March 23 press release, the Clinton Administration stated
that, "Insulating federal timber sales would put the Federal
government above laws that everyone else has to comply with.  We
are concerned that these proposals would put a muzzle on the
American people's right to question their government."  At the 1992
Northwest Forest Conference in Portland, OR, the President said,
"Our objectives are to identify management alternatives that attain
the greatest economic and social contribution from the forests, and
meet the requirements of the applicable laws and regulations."

     "Concerned citizens from across the nation are calling on
President Clinton to keep the promises he made and veto the
rescissions bill if these anti-environmental and undemocratic
provisions remain," said Coleman.  "The amendments to the
rescissions bill will undermine many of the reforms the President
and his administration have advocated for the economical and
ecological management of our public lands.  The clock will be
turned back twenty five years on efforts to protect our forests,
fisheries, clean water and wildlife if the President doesn't veto this

                            -- 30 --

     A broad coalition of environmental, taxpayer, fishing, and
scientific groups opposing the "Logging Without Laws" amendments
is calling on the President to Veto the Rescissions Bill

Western Ancient Forest Campaign
National Audubon Society
The Ecological Society of America
National Wildlife Federation
Sierra Club
World Wildlife Fund
Pacific Coast Federation of Fisherman's Associations
The Wilderness Society
Pacific Rivers Council
American Rivers
Trout Unlimited
Save America's Forests
Friends of the Earth
Center for International Environmental Law
Taxpayer Assets Project
Healing Forest Conservancy
Plumas Forest Project
Sierra Nevada Alliance
California Wilderness Coalition
Central Sierra Resource Center
Friends Aware of Wildlife Needs
Foothills Conservancy
Willits Environmental Center
Northcoast Environmental Center
Environmental Protection Information Center
Georgia Chapter Sierra Club
Idaho Sporting Congress
Trees From A to Z, Inc.
Idaho Conservation League
Montana Wilderness Association
Voice of the Environment
Native Forest Network
Forest Trust
Greater Gila Biodiversity Project
Southwest Environment Center
Southern Appalachain Biodiversity Project
Buckeye Forest Council
Protect Biodiversity in Public Forests
Eastside Protection Project
Portland Audubon Society
Siskiyou Regional Education Project
Defenders of Wildlife
Hells Canyon Preservation Council
Siskiyou Audubon Society
Native Forest Council
Oregon Natural Resouces Council
Soda Mountain Wilderness Council
New Alliance for the Forest
South Carolina Forest Watch
Chatanooga River Watershed Coalition
Federal Forest Reform
Texas Committee on Natural Resources
Houston Sierra Club
Southern Environmental Law Center
Student Environmental Action Coal.
Kettle Range Conservation Group
Umatilla Forest Resource Council
Washington Wilderness Coalition
Pilchuck Audubon Society
Greater Ecosystem Alliance
Quilcene Ancient Forest Coalition
The Mountaineers
Inland Empire Public Lands Council
Methow Forest Watch
Pend-Oreille Environmental Team

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