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     Let's make OCLC Group Resource Sharing a reality so that we can all save
time and money on interlibrary loans, collection building and duplicate
exchanges. The Natural History Caucus of the Special Libraries Association has
been discussing this for two years. It is possible to share materials with
other natural history-related libraries by using the power of the OCLC Online
Union Catalog and the Interlibrary Loan Service. Every request is automatically
referred to each of five libraries until the request is filled. 90% of OCLC's
interlibrary loans are filled and most are shipped out within four days.
    Each library participates through their geographically-affiliated OCLC net-
work at standard costs. An IBM-compatible personal computer, a modem and OCLC
telecommunications software comprise the only equipment you will need. You will
have help from both the OCLC Network and the Natural History Caucus with OCLC
interlibrary borrowing and the Natural History Database.
   For further information contact: Ann Juneau/Head, Dept. of Natural & Phys-
ical Sciences, Smithsonian Institution Libraries (libem019 at, Natl.
Museum of Natural History, Room 51, 10th and Constitution Ave., N.W., Washing-
ton D. C. 20560. Telephone (202)357-4939 or (202)357-1496. FAX (202)357-1896.
    PLEASE RESPOND by May 15, 1995 so that we can see if this project will fly
by the time of the Special Libraries Association meetings in Montreal:June 10-
16, 1995.

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