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Thu Apr 27 13:34:42 CDT 1995

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>Subject: Re: Fees
>Ron Cole & I want to thank all of you for your input on collections
>& systematists charging fees for "services rendered". It is
>interesting to see how variable everyones response is to
>this. Once we get everything put together I will send out
>the document to one and all for you to look at. We are definitely
>going ahead with this and it may be useful for others of you
>as well, particularly since we are treating a wide variety of
>groups, including: plants, yeasts, nematodes, cestodes,
>insects, other terrestrial arthopods, and  vertebrates. I will
>also include our rationale for going thru all of this and why we
>view it as so important to begin charging for at least certain
>kinds of services.
>Please if any of you have any further information on rates and
>fees send it along to to us.
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