Baja flora

Michael.Chamberland 23274MJC at MSU.EDU
Sat Apr 1 12:37:00 CST 1995

A colleague of mine has given me a photocopy of a publication he had
received from someone else.  We don't know the original source.

It is titled " the Vascular Plants of Bahia San Quintin and Adjacent
Areas, Baja California, Mexico".  It is a four-page checklist of
plants, based primarily on collections made by R. F. Thorne and
associates from the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.

Does anyone know what journal this checklist may have come from?
Clue: the pages are roughly 5" by 8" and are printed in a crude
courier typeface.  We assume it is from a small Californian
jounal with limited distribution (localized endemic publication :-)

Reason asking is because one plant listed "should not be there"
(Echinocactus polycephalus), and Thorne's reputation leads me to
believe that it is not likely a case of misidentification.
Specimens are deposited at RSA, SD, MEXU, and BCMEX.  I've
checked the collections from these institutions (except MEXU)
and not seen a specimen from Baja.

Michael Chamberland

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