Delta and DDATA

Sun Apr 2 20:02:01 CDT 1995

I am in the process of learning Delta format for the purpose of some
taxonomic research.  I am at the (early) stage of working with an
original data set which purports to include the Pteridophyte Flora of
Texas with a smaller subset for Pteridophyte Flora of the Big Thicket.
I am in need of help with the following:

1. I am using the program DDATA but it seems to save the CHARS file in a
strange format.  Strange as opposed to the documentation which came with
Delta.  It is preventing the use of the file.  As an example I have
appended part of a prototype file and you can see how the format varies
from the standard.  I like the DDATA method of input as it is SO much
more expedient than a manual approach.  How can I fix this problem?
Also, I have only the executable DDATA file and no documentation or
registration forms etc.  Is there an FTP site or other source for this

2.  Secondly, in determination of the geographical ranges of these plants
I am relying on the FNA, vII, which is very helpful for listing the
states in which the species are endemic.  The FNA even has a map for each
species and subspecies which it delineates.  However, when I attempt to
break the range into Big Thicket species I am relying on a guesstimation
based on the maps.  This is imprecise at best.  The Manual of the
Vascular Plants of Texas (Correll, 1979) is even less precise in it
geographical data.  I am aware that there is a system of County Codes
done by University of Texas which would help if there were an accurate
database to draw upon.  My question is, not having a background (yet) in
plant ecology, where can I find information on techniques which might
help in this project.

Thank you in advance for any ideas.  Appended file follows .signature.

   || David C. Taylor, Student       | e-mail   stddct at     ||
   || Department of Botany           | snail    201 Crawford Hall       ||
   || Department of Horticulture     |          Huntsville, TX   77341  ||
   || Sam Houston State University   | phone    (409) 294-3162          ||
   || Huntsville, TX   U.S.A.        | ******** Gnothi Seauton ******** ||
   ||===================================================================||                                                                     ||

*SHOW Flora of Texas. Revised Sun Apr 02 16:48:17 1995


#1. <nomenclatural comments, associations>//

#2. plant <duration>//
 1. annual// 2. bienial// 3. perenial//

#3. plant <habit>//
 habit// 1. aquatic// 2. emergent// 3. terrestrial// 4. hemiepiphytic// 5.

#4. roots <type>//
 1. fibrous// 2. tap-root// 3. absent// 4. rhizomes// 5. rhizoids//

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