Baja Flora (Chamberland query)

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Mon Apr 3 10:18:47 CDT 1995

Michael Chamberland:

I believe I have found the source of the Bahia San Quintin checklist you
asked about, though mine is in tiny sans serif type, not crude courier.

Crossosoma, April 1989. It is the newsletter of the Southern California
Botanists, and is published out of RSA. "The vascular plants of Bahia San
Quintin and adjacent areas, Baja California, Mexico" pages 5-8. Based on
collections by Bob Thorne, supplemented by collections of Reid Moran. The
list does have Echinocactus polycephalus on it. And I have checked my
collection and you are correct, SD has none from Baja.

If you can't reach Thorne, I can give you Reid's number. His memory for
plant localities in Baja is infallible. And he would certainly remember a
rare cactus, if he was on the trip (the intro to the list does not imply
that he was).

Hope this helps.

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