Output of your job "jwight"

Jim Wight jwight at ISLANDNET.COM
Tue Apr 4 11:08:38 CDT 1995

I sent this to the listserv at cmsa.Berkeley.EDU  and got back the following.
Anyone know how to unsubscribe?......Thanks in advance...jim

>> unsubscribe TAXACOM jwight at islandnet.com
>Invalid option - "JWIGHT at ISLANDNET.COM". The valid options are GLobal, LOCal
>and NETWIDE (minimum abbreviations shown in upper case).
>Summary of resource utilization
> CPU time:        0.002 sec                Device I/O:     0
> Overhead CPU:    0.002 sec                Paging I/O:     0
> CPU model:        3090                    DASD model:  3390

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