3rd World-Wide Web User Survey starts today

David Bridge, System Manager DAVID at SIMSC.SI.EDU
Mon Apr 10 18:10:48 CDT 1995

Perhaps not really on the topic of Taxacom, but related to the
future.  As many of you probably know the World-Wide Web is one of
the hottest applications on the Internet or even just the "on-line
world".  This technology has many potential uses.
But, who are the web users?  What are their demographics, etc.?
This survey is designed to answer some of those questions.

This is the URL for the survey:

Below is the text of the "home Page" for the survey.
This should answer most of your question, better than I can.
Please this note with anyone who may be interested.
yours, David Bridge
David at simsc.si.edu
The GVU Center's 3rd WWW User Survey Page

   Welcome, this is the home page for GVU's 3rd WWW User Survey.
Your participation is encouraged by both the World-Wide Web
Consortium (W3C) and NCSA. Your participation is greatly
appreciated and will help monitor and guide the growth of many
future Web developments.  Please feel free to add links to the
survey from your local Web.  The surveys are run as a public
service to the Web community - all results are free. The 3rd survey
runs from April 10th, 1995 thru May 10th, 1995.

   In order to participate, your WWW browser must support FORMs.
If you do not see a button below this paragraph that says "I've not
participated in any WWW User Surveys" then your browser does not
support forms.  Here's a list of browsers known to work for the
survey.  Please check the Frequently Asked Question page for
general questions.  Other GVU WWW User Survey results are also

[NOTE: If your browsers supports forms you will see two buttons
like this.]
"I've not participated in any WWW User Surveys"
"I've participated in the WWW User Surveys before (2nd or 3rd)"

For more information : send email to www-survey at cc.gatech.edu  or
contact: WWW Survey Team (Colleen, Laurie, Mimi, & Jim)

GVU Center, College of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA 30332-0280

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