Position available -- Gray Card Index

David Boufford boufford at OEB.HARVARD.EDU
Fri Apr 14 08:39:37 CDT 1995

Bibliographer/Data Base Manager, Grade 55

Position in the Harvard University Herbarium.  Maintains and develops the
Gray Cards Index and the Harvard University Herbaria type data base; enters
new data; maintains authority files (collectors, names)  associated with
these data bases; and to answer queries connected with their use.  The Gray
Cards Index includes all names of plants found in the New World published
since 1886, and is kept up-to-date.  The type data base currently contains
information on some 53,000 types held in the collection; it is estimated
some 30,000 need to be added before it is complete for vascular plants.
Performs related duties as required.

The incumbent will work closely with the Assistant Director for Collections
and the Librarian of the Botany Libraries.

Requirements:  Bachelor's degree required and a Master's degree in botany
preferred.  Familiarity with data base management essential; Familiarity
with botanical nomenclature preferred.  1-2  years' experience helpful.
General technical expertise and competency with computers.  Experience in
the use of Internet related techniques and tools.

NOTE:  Please send resume and cover letter to Mary Reynolds, Dept. of OEB,
26 Oxford Street, Cambridge, Ma.  02138 (mreynolds at oeb.harvard.edu).

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