TDWG Annual Meeting

Paco Pando Pando at MA-RJB.CSIC.ES
Thu Apr 20 08:41:18 CDT 1995

                              2nd Announcement

                            10th Annual Meeting
                                October 4-6

                          Real Jardin Botanico-CSIC
                               Madrid, Spain

   TDWG was originally established in 1985 as the International
   Working Group on Taxonomic Databases for Plant Sciences.  In the
   ensuing years, standards were developed and adopted for plant
   name authors, herbarium codes, plant geography, data exchange
   formats, etc.  In 1994, with the encouragement of the
   International Union for Biological Sciences (IUBS), TDWG was
   expanded to encompass taxonomic databases regarding all biota.

   TDWG establishes subgroups to develop standards and consider
   standards developed by others, plus discuss other aspects of
   taxonomic databases.  The standards adopted are made available in
   published form so that those responsible for taxonomic databases
   may consider them, both in the planning of new projects and in
   the management of existing ones. The 1995 Annual Meeting will be
   held at the Real Jardin Botanico-CSIC. The Jardin is located
   downtown, and there is a large number of museums, hotels and
   restaurants within walking distance.

   Sessions, except those of subgroups in the final stage of
   standard preparation, are open to participation by all. Voting is
   restricted to TDWG members.  We particularly invite the
   participation of persons outside of the botanical discipline.
   All sessions will be conducted in English. If necesary, commentary
   in Spanish may be arranged.

   The TDWG meeting will occur immediately after the IOPI Annual
   meeting (IOPI's secretary: Mr. Alex George - fax: 61 9 337 9404).


   Oct. 4:   Registration
        Plenary session
        Subgroup Sessions:
             Bar Codes
             Geography Standard
        Symposium: Current State of Taxonomic Databases
             Poster Session

   Oct. 5:   Subgroups Sessions:
             Life Form Descriptors
             Accessions (Specimen Databases)
             Degrees of Threat
        Plenary Session
             Poster Session
        Meeting Dinner

   Oct. 6:   Symposium:
             Computer Demonstrations


   Lodging and dining suggestions will be sent on request to

   Payments can be made either as a bank draft in Spanish
   pesetas (pts.), made out to Real Jardin Botanico CSIC, or as cash
   on arrival.

   -------------------------- Booking Form -----------------------------

   (__) Registration fee  (6000 pts.)
   (__) Meeting Dinner (5 Oct. 95) (3000 pts.)

   Please, select your choice:
      (__) Find enclosed a bank draft in Spanish pesetas
           payable to Real Jardin Botanico.
      (__) I am sending by mail a bank draft in Spanish pesetas
           payable to Real Jardin Botanico.
      (__) I will pay on arrival.

   (__) I plan to present a POSTER/COMPUTER DEMONSTRATION for
        the symposium (please, delete as appropriate).
        Provisional title or topic:



        For computer demonstrations, please, specify what hardware
        you would require (some PCs and Macintosh would be available,
        some linked to Internet):



   (__) Please, send me lodging and dining information.


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           ___________________________________    FAX:______________

           ___________________________________   E-MAIL:____________


   Please return to:

   Francisco Pando
   TDWG 10
   Real Jardin Botanico-CSIC
   Plaza de Murillo, 2
   28014 Madrid, Spain

   fax: +34 1 420 0157
   e-mail: pando at

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