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          Dear Ronald,
          The Australian Museum has implemented fees for services
          as follows:
          Identification services for profit - we charge $90 per hour.
          Identification services for research projects or
          collaborating agencies- we charge cost-recovery (ie. the
          hourly pay-rate of that member of staff).
          We help students with identifications after they have made a
          good attempt themselves. If it is a big job we expect the
          student to give us some free labour for routine curatorial
          jobs. This gives the student a better idea of what is
          involved with collections and taxonomy.
          We do not charge for voucher services.
          We charge for the use of data from our database (subject to
          the client signing a data license agreement) at rates that
          are currently being revised. We have one rate for profit-
          based users and another for research users.

          I hope this information is of some help to you and I look
          forward to your compiled results.

          Penny Berents

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