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I'm posting the following to LEPS-L and TAXACOM.

Below is an announcement of a mapping package for Macs, abstracted from
the most recent issue of the "News of the Lepidopterists' Society,"
which might be of interest to those generating distribution maps.  I
have no commercial interest in or connection to the vendor, TundraVole
Software, though I am a satisfied user of this particular product.  The
author, Ken Philip, is a lepidopterist.

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  Macintosh program for species distribution mapping

  RangeMapper 2.3 is a Macintosh program for generating species
  distribution maps of publishable quality, that can be dropped into
  your own documents.  It plots maps in seven projections, and include
  mapping data files for the world (low resolution) and for North
  America (higher-resolution).  Higher-resolution files are also
  available for Australia and New Zealand, and are under development
  for Europe and South America.  Higher-resolution files with more
  hydrologic detail, major highways, and administrative borders
  (National Forests, etc.) are available for Alaska north of 64
  degrees, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and California.  More states
  will follow later.  There is considerable flexibility as to what is
  shown in a given map--even to the point of adding (or highlighting)
  hydrologic features individually by name.  Species data are plotted
  by reading ASCII files of lat/long data, which can be exported from
  data bases or spreadsheets.  Data may be plotted as dots
  (squares/circles, open/filled), lines, or 3-D bars whose heights are
  controlled by a third variable (thus displaying the geographic
  variation of quantitative information).  A user-designed lat/long
  grid (or lat/long tick marks around the border) may be overlaid on
  any map, and lat/long coordinates may be read off the screen.

  For a detailed brochure with many sample maps, write to:

  TundraVole Software
  1590 North Becker Ridge Road
  Fairbanks, AK 99709-2705
  Phone: (907) 479-2689

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