Zhexi Luo LUOZ at COFC.EDU
Sun Apr 23 10:09:08 CDT 1995

Dear Netters,

I have problems with PAUP 3.1.1 when I use it on Power Mac (6100/60) with
Macintosh System 7.5.1.  I can run all functions of PAUP but not the SEARCH
.  The Power Mac freezes every time I try to search for trees.

I am puzzled because I can run the SEARCH with the same version of PAUP on
the same version of Mac operating system 7.5.1 on an older Mac IIfx
computer--without any problem.

Obviously PAUP is compatible with system 7.5.1, but not my Power Mac.  Any
body has similar problem out there? Or this is just my own fluke?

I apologize if this somewhat tangential message clutters TAXACOM.  I hope
that somebody already handled the similar probelm can explain this.  Any
patch for PAUP available for ftp?

Zhexi Luo, Assistant Professor
Department of Biology & Grice Marine Biological Laboratory
College of Charleston, SC 29424, USA
Email. luoz at  Tel. (803)953-8083  Fax. (803)953-5453

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