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Andreas Heinakroon EN-ANDREAS at NRM.SE
Tue Apr 25 00:24:36 CDT 1995

I agree with Joseph H. Kirkbride that there probably be some sort
of ROM format in the future. However, I am not so shure that data
will be physically distributed on disks, CDs, cassettes or whatever.
The distribution of data in electronic networks will allways be quicker
and cheaper. Within a few years physical storage systems will be
something exclusively used by data bases and the individuals will not
have to wory about wich data format is being used by the distributer.

I see a future with articles and catalouges ROM-stored in numbers of
data bases all over the world and scientists requesting them via
computers. If a majority (or at least a large minority) of the potential
clients lack computers a simple fax-distribution system could help
complete the network.

Consequently, as soon as the security problems with network-distributed
data are solved, electronic publication will florish.

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