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Wed Apr 26 17:00:50 CDT 1995

It is my impression that a substantial fraction of TAXACOM readers
have e-mail but not full access to the Internet (telnet, ftp, and
all that depends on ftp, including gopher and WWW server access),
or work with colleagues who are not well-connected.  Below, I have
inserted a fragment of a conference schedule that includes names
and e-mail addresses of regional experts who may be able to shed
some extremely bright light on this problem, from a point of view
that is not US-centric.

R2--Funding Models
        Chair: Attila Ozgit             ozgit at

        Networking the Caribbean Region via the Virgin Islands
        Paradise FreeNet
        Peter Deblanc                   pdeblanc at

        Turkish Internet Project: Policies for Organizational Framework
        and Funding
        Kursat Cagiltay                 kursat at

        REUNA: How an Academic Network can be Self-funded
        Florencio Utreras               futreras at

The conference is:

Annual Meeting of the Internet Society


The easiest and best way to review the following informationa and to
register for INET 95 is via our INET95 Conference home page at

INET'95, the 5th Annual Conference of the Internet Society, focusing
on worldwide issues of Internet networking, will be held on 27-30
June 1995 in Hawaii.  The goal of this conference is to provide a
platform that will bring together those developing and implementing
Internet networks, technologies, applications, and policies
worldwide for infrastructure development. The theme of INET'95 is
"The Internet: Towards Global Information Infrastructure."

[It's expensive, and I'm not going. :-( ]


        Una Smith                       una.smith at

Department of Biology, Yale University, New Haven, CT  06520-8104

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