nominal characters

Mr Fortuner connection modem fortuner at MATH.U-BORDEAUX.FR
Tue Apr 4 08:36:37 CDT 1995

The quest for intraspecifically variable nominal characters continue... (Is it
true that "A truly nominal character cannot be present in a valid species in
more than one state")

Bony/cartilaginous has been ruled out as a nominal
character because the degree of ossification can be measured.

My other
example of nominal character (monocotyledon - dicotyledon) remains
unchallenged, so far.

Can any nominal character be viewed as
Presence/absence? I should have been more clear. What I meant was
presence/absence of a biological structure (organ/tissue), not
presence/absence of a character state.

The counter-example proposed by
Richard Jensen (fruit maturation annual - biennial) does seem promising but
there is a possibility of hybridization.

So far, my proposition remains

Renaud Fortuner

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