mail option

Judith Blake blake at TIGR.ORG
Wed Apr 5 09:37:58 CDT 1995

One option to getting too many messages from a listserv process is to
set the mail to the digest option.  Then you only receive one message per day
combining all the previous day's messages into one, concatenated file.  There
is a summary of the subject lines at the top of the message, so you can
see if any of the discussion interests you.

The advantage is one message from taxacom each day.

The disadvantage is that you don't receive each message pronto...there
is a (maximum) 24 hour delay.

I have successfully implemented this option for the Taxacom list by sending
the following message to

TO:  listserv at

with message text:

set taxacom mail digest

Hope this helps.


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