If nothing else works: read the manual!!!!

Paulo Petry - Fisheries petryp at UCS.ORST.EDU
Wed Apr 5 07:25:09 CDT 1995

        I was trying to stay out of this discussion of overload in
TAXACOM, but I think I should add 2 cents. For those who have not
realized yet, listserv is a software that has an online manual. You only
have to send a message to the proper address with the word "HELP" in the
text, and you will get all the options and commands available.  Blaming
other people for your own lack of understanding of how listserv works is
realy cheap.  Beside the online "HELP", Una Smith compiled a great
document called BIOGUIDE, where you can find all the information you need
to be a e-mail hacker. Apparently not that many people have read it yet.
        Learning list etiquete and procedures not only makes your life
easier, but keeps all of us from having to listen to unwanted whining and
consequently reduces the junk broadcasted through the wire. Unfortunetely
listserv isn't idiot prove yet.

        As a last hint, for christ sake: save the welcome files that
contain all the information about the list that you have subscribed to.

Best Fishes,

Paulo Petry
NIA-NET manager
petryp at ucs.orst.edu

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