anostracan crustaceans (fwd)

Jim Beach beach at VIOLET.BERKELEY.EDU
Tue Apr 11 09:43:03 CDT 1995

>   I am trying to find the Ralph Warren Dexter research
> papers on anostracan crustaceans.  I have corresp. from the Kent State U.
> (the institution where he was a Prof) Archives, addressed to Dexter from
> the Boston Museum of Science, thanking him for donating the "Dexter
> Papers" to them in 1980.  But the Mus.of Science does not now have them
> and suggested contacting the MCZ.  His reseach on this group (fairy shrimp)
> covers the mid 1940's to the mid 1960's.  Neither the Smithsonian nor the
> American Mus. have his research papers or specimens.  Any information you
> have, or possible source you could direct me toward, would be very greatly
> appreciated.  Joan (jass at Jass, Milwaukee Public Museum
>               Phone 414-278-2761

Can anyone help answer this query?  Please e-mail to jass at
Nice to see public museums on the net.

Jim Beach


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