Angiosperm-families descriptions via WWW (x Delta-l)

Mike Dallwitz miked at ENTO.CSIRO.AU
Thu Apr 13 12:30:49 CDT 1995

                                                                 13 April 1995

Hypertext versions of Leslie Watson's angiosperm-families descriptions are now
available via WWW at

Diagnostic parts of the descriptions are in bold-italics, and there are links
to illustrations (the same ones used in the INTKEY package).

The HTML descriptions were generated automatically from DELTA data, and will
be updated at the same time as releases of the INTKEY package. Prototypes of
the software for generating HTML output will be included in the next DELTA
program release.

The descriptions may be copied to other sites, provided that the copies are
updated when we make new releases (announced on Taxacom), and access is
through a page including the DELTA logo, authors' contact information,
references, and pointers to DELTA home pages, as in our file index.htm. The
.htm files and the logo are in the file

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