New Web Site: Orchids of Wisconsin

Jeff Hapeman jhapeman at STUDENTS.WISC.EDU
Thu Apr 13 17:03:35 CDT 1995

Fellow TAXACOMers:

        I have constructed a hypertext key to the native and naturalized
orchids of Wisconsin.  The orchid flora of Wisconsin is fairly rich, with
45 native and one naturalized species (18 genera).  The web site is set up
so that one initially connects to a key to the genera.  These link to keys
to the species.  Currently, each species page contains a few photos of each
species (usually a habit & a detail shot), and occasionally some notes on
pollination, ecology, etc.  Eventually, I will be including distribution
maps, more detailed morphological descriptions, and more
ecological/pollination information.  All photos are downloadable; most are
my own, a few belong to others and are credited to them.

        Please be aware that the site is still under construction;
consequently, some species lack photos (several species of Spiranthes, most
Goodyeras).  Also be aware that you *must* be using **Netscape** to
properly utilize this key, as nearly all of the inline images are in jpeg
format.  If you do not have Netscape, I have included a link in the first
page to the Netscape ftp server, so you can retrieve the latest version.
If you visit the page and enjoy it, please e-mail me and let me know, as I
would love to know what kind of use the site is getting.  The URL is as

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Botany Department is also online at the
following URL:

This page contains links to sets of images (on the Gopher server) used in
Botany courses here (over 3,000 images).

Hope you enjoy!

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